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  1. What Cemeteries do we service in our area?

    We do service for all Cemeteries in the N.Y. and Tri-State Area.

  2. What kind of memorial can I have where my love one is buried?

    Most Cemeteries have Rules and Regulations that we must follow. So please contact us with the cemetery information and we will gladly help you with the process.

  3. How soon after death can you order a monument?

    It depends on the cemetery. some may tell the family to wait 6 to 12 months after the death to erect a monument, But you can usually order right after someone passes away.

  4. What Information should you bring when ordering a monument?

    1.The Cemetery Deed

    2.Birth and Death Dates

    3.Any Information you would like written on the stone

    4.Any picture of the deceased you would like to add to your order

  5. How can I add to an existing stone at the Cemetery?

    Most cemeteries allow us to do work on site or we can remove the stone from the cemetery to add any pictures or a new inscription if needed.

  6. How long does the process take to create a memorial?

    It depends on the Monument / Grave Marker you choose but it can take 6 to 12 weeks to have a memorial installed. Other reasons that can delay the process is if the cemetery work schedule changes or weather and ground conditions determine when the foundation can be poured.

  7. Who has the permission to erect a monument?

    According to the State Cemetery Board, the owner of the cemetery plot has the right to erect a monument.  If the owner of the cemetery plot is deceased the surviving spouse or blood relative has the prior right to erect a monument of his or her own choosing of any size, color, style, and inscription choice.  As long as it complies with cemetery Rules and regulation.

  8. What if my stone is cracked, chipped or damaged?

    In some cases, we can fix a damaged stone depending on the condition of the stone. If not we can offer to replace and duplicate an existing stone for an additional fee.  Just give us a call for an estimate.

  9. Stones to be shipped to the Caribbean Islands?

    We offer a wide range of different sizes and colors with unique designs that are easy to ship or even travel with.

    Please contact us for details. (347)240-5992

  10. Do We Guarantee Our Work?

    YES.  We guarantee all our work. Our Name and Reputation depends on it.

  11. What forms a payment are acceptable?

    We gladly accept credit or debit cards, Bank or Personal checks, money orders, and cash.

  12. What forms a Public Transportation are near our location?

    We are conveniently located near the A/C train on Euclid Ave. or shepherd Ave. Train station. We also have the J train that runs on Norwood Ave. and Fulton St. and the Q24 bus that runs on Atlantic Ave. and stops 1 1/2 blocks from our location.

    If you need driving instructions please don’t hesitate to give us a call.




    If there are any questions that we have not answered,     

    Please feel free to give us a call at (347) 240-5992 or Email us at 

    We will be pleased to answer any questions you may have.                



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